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art. 13 Regolamento UE n. 2016/679


Operational considerations for the management of COVID-19 in the hotel sector - guidelines

The manager of this facility has attended a course with a positive outcome in: WORKER SAFETY TRAINING in accordance with annex. 6 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of April 26, 2020

DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR HOLIDAYS ... Organize them better by preferring pristine places, surrounded by nature and above all opt for the structures that adopt protocols useful for the containment of the infection.

Several countries have shown that COVID-19 transmission from one person to another can be slowed down or stopped. These measures have been designed to ensure the health of staff and our customers

We start again trying to get used to moving in a more different and responsible way than in the past.

We are ready to leave in MAXIMUM SECURITY

We have implemented the Ministerial protocols and the Regional directives for our safety and those of you all aware that this path will make us safer people with the aim of strengthening, where possible, the precautions.

These measures will be updated on the basis of the Ministerial Directives issued

You just remember to bring masks and gloves

Hand washing is a greater protective barrier to infections than wearing disposable gloves

The measures adopted by this structure to minimize the risk of infection are as follows:

  • In various locations inside the structure you will find hand hygiene products with hydro-alcoholic solutions and antibacterial soap in the bathrooms

  • In the case of customers who suspect respiratory or feverish symptoms on arrival, body temperature may be detected and the manager reserves the right to accept or reject the guest at the facility and if he deems it appropriate to contact the health authorities for appropriate treatment.

  • Daily cleaning of the rooms with products approved by the Ministry for sanitization

  • IT IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to let other people into the structure who are not guests registered or authorized by the manager

  • Obligation to disinfect hands before entering the facility with products made available to guests at the entrance

  • OBLIGATION TO COMMUNICATE and agree on the arrival time in the structure to check the actual availability of the room as the waiting times between one guest and another can be increased for reasons of sanitizing the rooms

  • Guests must always wear the mask in the common areas and in any case in which it is not possible to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least one meter

  • Dispose of gloves, masks and other PPE devices in the appropriate containers indicated inside the building

  • Avoid gatherings  in the internal common areas ( corridors, kitchens, stairs, living room ) but take advantage of the common external spaces ( courtyard, garden ) so as to make the most of the structure,  enjoy nature and the UNCONTAMINATED air and get to know the other guests always respecting the interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter

To reduce the time spent in the reception area, the following measures are adopted:

  • It is advisable to make Fast check-in online before arrival, to be done comfortably via the dedicated page or you can safely send us ( via whats'App - email ) the photo of your document ( front-back ) and each guest present in the group, without prejudice to the need to verify the identity of the guest using the original identity document.

  • The payment is also recommended to use electronic tools or, if you prefer, you can do it directly online . The payment receipt will be sent directly to your mailbox or via What's App

  • This structure is equipped with electronic card locks . Each guest will be given an access card to the structure and to their room which they can take with them and return at the end of their stay

  • All   tourist information can be found online , so as to minimize the opportunities for contact with the manager and if necessary will be printed at the moment and delivered to the customer maps , routes and anything else required so as not to leave leaflets in ride at risk of contagion

  • The room will be sanitized every guest change , the common spaces (corridors, stairs, etc ..) several times a day as the kitchen with living room that will be sanitized every time the guest will use it

  • The guest has the right to ask that, during the stay, the manager does not enter the room and we will provide you with the necessary linen for the replacement

  • The floors in the common areas are washed and sanitized with suitable products at least twice a day , and in any case with a frequency appropriate to their overcrowding during the day. As for the furniture and all the contact surfaces , periodic cleaning is carried out as for the rooms, the closer the greater the flow of guests

  • At the entrance of areas intended for the administration of food and drinks , as in other common areas , it is always mandatory to respect the interpersonal distance (at least one meter between one person and another) and wear a mask where it is not possible to guarantee the distance interpersonal of at least one meter

  • both outside and inside and in the common areas of the structure, you will find the information with the behavioral rules to prevent the risk of infection

The breakfast will be served exclusively with disposable packaged products and respecting the safety distances. For this point we thought of:

  • Book the time slot to eat breakfast (every 30 minutes) so as to access the living room and eat your breakfast in total safety and allow the manager to sanitize the next customer for the next time

  • IT IS FORBIDDEN TO CONSUME THE BREAKFAST together with other unrelated guests who are not part of your family

  • The access in the living room with kitchen and in all the common areas should be MANDATORY after being disinfected their hands with products made available to customers and to wear the mask in which you can not guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least one meter

  • Each utensil used (plates, cutlery, dishes) must be WASHED AND CLEAN by those who use them. All dishes, cutlery and glasses must be washed and disinfected with washing, disinfection and rinsing, using the highest level of precaution, drying with disposable paper

  • The use of disposable cutlery, crockery and glasses , made available to customers and disposed of in the appropriate containers , is mandatory

  • On each floor of the structure (for a number of guests present in the entire structure greater than 6) the kitchen with living room on the respective floor will be made available to have your breakfast in complete autonomy and safety, limiting the risk of gatherings

  • Guests staying on the ground floor studio can have breakfast directly in the equipped kitchen of the studio

  • Preferring when possible breakfast in the room or in the thick external azi available (balcony - garden , etc ..) as well as consume safely in front of a film or in the nature

Social posting measures and, together with frequent hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, are the main measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19

Although guests are likely to be familiar with these measures, they should be remembered as a form of hospitality

Social estrangement includes refraining from hugging, kissing or shaking hands with guests and staff. It's about keeping a distance of at least 1 meter and avoiding anyone who is coughing or sneezing

Hand hygiene means regularly and thoroughly cleaning your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or washing them with soap and water

Also avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. Hand disinfection is indicated after exchanging items (money, credit cards) with guests

The mask should cover the mouth and nose, use the elbow or bent tissue when coughing or sneezing

Infected guest
In the event that a guest present within the accommodation has fever and symptoms of respiratory infection (dry cough, fever, sore throat, breathing difficulties) he must promptly notify the manager. The communication must be made by telephone.

The manager promptly informs the competent health authority (by contacting the emergency numbers for Covid‐ 19 indicated by the Region).

In order to reduce the risk of contagion to a minimum, the following measures will be taken while waiting for the arrival of the health workers :
  • The infected guest must wear a surgical mask; minimize contacts with other people; stay in your room ensuring adequate natural ventilation.

  • No visitor must be authorized to enter the room occupied by the sick guest. Subject to availability, any accompanying persons will be moved to another room.

  • Separate sick people from other people of at least 2 meters.

By respecting some trivial rules we are sure that we will help each other. We do not leave our customers alone and we will make you feel at home in a safer environment

in case of necessity:
In the Abruzzo Region the following numbers are active for the health emergency:
Asl n.1 Avezzano-Sulmona-L'Aquila 800 169 32
single emergency number ( 112 ),
Covid Regional number 800595459 .
public utility number 1500 of the Ministry of Health

" alone we go faster ... But together we go further"
We will start stronger than before
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